Viktor Breitenbücher

I’m a passionate tech-guy, now working for more than a decade on web projects. I love learn new stuff and experiment with the latest cutting edge technologies. Choosing the right solution for the problem is the key for a successful outcome of my work. Therefore I’m always keeping in mind to fulfill the scope of a project according to given budget and time.

What I Do

Cloud Migration

You have your on-premise business environment and you want to migrate it to a more modern cloud environment? Or you have an outdated tech-stack and wont to transform it to an elastic and scalable solution? I can help you with that. I work now for years with Google Cloud Platform and can design you the perfect cloud environment tailored to your personal needs.


You are stuck with your current software stack and it is barely impossible to implement new features? I can help you with that. By refactoring your monolith software solution and transform it into a more modern microservices architecture. This will not only speed up your development process but also allow you easily release new features with every sprint.

Solution Architect

You have your vision to transform your business into, but you lack experience and want to get the right answers to your questions? Let's talk together, and I'll help you develop a solution that not only takes your business to the next level, but is also flexible and ready for future adaptations.


You are looking for a flexible and automated hosting environment where everything just happens like magic? Automate as many steps and necessary, use as many managed and serverless services as possible and implement the latest state of the art CI/CD pipelines will not only help you deploy without downtimes but also scale you business during high traffic periods.


2023 - present
VM Artisan GmbH

Co-Founder and Solution Architect

I co-founded another company that mainly focused on running its own online store with more than 500K products. We are pursuing a tech-first strategy with a high responsive online store in combination with new AI technologies.

2021 - present
pluszwei OÜ

Co-Founder and Solution Architect

I co-founded a company focused on digital e-commerce products. This was my first attempt at starting a business and again a new opportunity to grow.

2019 - 2023
Xanten Pte. Ltd.

Cloud Architect and DevOps Engineer

I started my own company and tried to gain more experience not only in the technical field but also in business decisions. During that time I was a one-man show and had to solve all kinds of customer problems and develop the right solutions for them.

2017 - 2019
Shopmacher E-Commerce GmbH & Co. KG

Technical Lead

The most influential years of my career were spent in Vietnam, building a team of overseas developers by helping them apply and implement the latest technologies and getting involved with cloud engineering.

2016 - 2017
Shopmacher E-Commerce GmbH & Co. KG

DevOps Engineer

Having gained a lot of experience with web technologies, I played an important role in transforming our company into a state-of-the-art e-commerce agency. I implemented several solutions to speed up the development process of our developers, but also developed the first CI/CD pipelines.

2012 - 2015
Shopmacher E-Commerce GmbH & Co. KG

Software Engineer

In my early professional years, I worked on several e-commerce projects based on the Shopware and Oxid store frameworks. My daily tasks consisted of understanding the customers' requirements and translating them into functional code.


2014 - 2018
Fernuni Haagen

Bachelor of Computer Science

During my first years at work, I decided to attend a part-time remote university in Germany and studied computer science in my spare time. After a few years, I was exmatriculated at my own request without a degree.

2007 - 2010
Berufskolleg für Wirtschaft & Verwaltung

Software Engineer

I had the privilege to enjoy a solid German dual education as a software engineer, where I not only attended a university, but also worked on real projects in a company and solved problems from day one.

DevOps Skills



Google Cloud Platform


Docker & Kubernetes








Coding Skills





JavaScript / TypeScript








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Louriçal, Portugal

I live in a small village near the ocean.

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